Data Protection Statement

The privacy statement for the customer register of Elisa Heikura Oy (data protection statement and information document), the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99), sections 10 and 24

  1. Owner and Data Controller

Elisa Heikura Oy
Kaukomäenkuja 12
20510 Hevonpää, FINLAND
tel. +358 41 435 9191

  1. Contact Person for the Register

Elisa Heikura, tel. +358 41 435 9191,

  1. Name of the Register

Customer register of Elisa Heikura Oy

  1. Purpose of the Register

The purpose of the register is to maintain the customer and public relations of Elisa Heikura Oy, as well as to market and sell training products and other services.

  1. Information Stored in the Register

Email address
Street address (if provided)
Organization (if provided)
Phone number (if provided)

  1. Standard Sources of Information

The information in the register consists mainly of sales details of the online store. Personal data can also be provided by the person themselves.

  1. Regular Disclosures of Data and Data Transfers outside the EU or the EEA

No data is given for use by any external parties.

  1. The Principles of Data Protection

Only the designated persons who need the data for their work, whether employed by the data controller or otherwise specified, have the right to access the customer register. They have user names and passwords.

  1. Right of Access and How to Exercise It

A person has the right to access and review their own personal data at any point in time free of charge. Requests for access are emailed to the contact person.

  1. Rectifying the Data and How to Rectify the Data

The personal data in the register is rectified at the person’s own request. Requests for rectification are emailed to the contact person.

  1. Any Other Rights

The registered person has the right to ban any use of their personal data for the purposes of direct advertising, sales without face-to-face contact and any other forms of direct marketing, as well as survey or market research, public registers or genealogical research. The ban is noted in the register.