Imposter Syndrome online course

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Is there a nagging voice in your head that thinks you aren’t as qualified and competent as you should be? In this course you’ll learn where that voice comes from and how you can turn it down a notch.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • what imposter syndrome, or more accurately imposter thoughts, are all about,
  • why you’re really more qualified than you sometimes feel like,
  • what kind of distorted definition of competence you compare yourself to,
  • what kinds of external factors sustain your imposter thoughts and
  • which tools you can use to reduce your imposter thoughts.

The course consists of ten videos of 4–12 minutes, about one and a half hours in total. Every video has some kind of thought-provoking concrete assignment associated with it. The course also has a 60-page workbook where you can find extra assignments, further reading and sources.

The course lasts approximately three hours, so you can finish it in one sitting if you want. However, I recommend that you slow down and study a section or two per week. This gives your thoughts time to develop.