How prevalent are your imposter thoughts?

Assignment: How prevalent are your imposter thoughts?

The assignment for this chapter of the course is to do the Clance IP Scale test that surveys the magnitude of a person’s imposter thoughts. It is the most functional out of all existing tests as far as we currently know. The test gives you some direction and after completing it you have a point of comparison against which you can mirror your own thoughts and the magnitude of your feelings.

There are two ways to do the Clance test:

  1. You can find a list of the questions at the end of this research article.
  2. You can use this clickable version of the test to answer the questions.

Both versions have the same questions and they give the same result.

When you’ve done the test, submit your result below. If you’d like, you can also share what kinds of thoughts and insights the test gave you. Do you have any criticism or other comments?